Established Tradition

Matkim Industries was incorporated in Fort Lauderdale as a small manufacturing shop with two employees. Applying hard work and a focused vision, Matkim's customer base grew to include ADT, Racal Datacom and Tyco Subsidiaries. 

With over 30 years of experience, Matkim, has made it's mark on the trade as a whole. This has been accomplished with the help of vested and dedicated employees who have been with Matkim since its inception. 

Current Prospectus

Matkim's Mission Statement  is structured around quality, efficiency and excellence. We listen and connect with our clientele, offering them customized solutions to a wide variety of situations.               

Wielding Success

We at Matkim invite you to join our team. We anticipate a rewarding and satisfying business partnership. 

Meet the executive team



Founder and CEO of Matkim,  Matt Shenker started Matkim Industries in Fort Lauderdale Florida thirty years ago. He created Matkim, applying resiliency and ingenuity.

Matt has a Bachelors degree from University of Florida. 



Paul is Matkim's first employee and is the Director of Procurement and Personnel. He has been with Matkim for over 30 years and is a vital part of day to day operations. He has a Bachelors degree from the University of Florida.