Matkim’s beginnings began in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 1989 as a contract manufacturer serving companies such as ADT, Racal Datacom and Tyco subsidiaries. Today, Matkim is located in Oxford, Massachusetts and it’s 20+ year history has given way to a production facility capable of delivering products only limited by our clients imaginations.

Matkim takes a different approach to many current business models whose cost-saving mechanisms include sending labor overseas and using inferior parts. Proper leadership has yielded a human resource philosophy where employees are highly valued and rewarded properly. Our skilled workforce has proven that being “made in the USA” is more than possible while customers benefit from the efficiencies Matkim maintains through economies of scale .

Matkim’s value-added services are run by a focused management team driven to supply only the best to the telecom, medical, semi-conductor, military, security and a vast array of technology companies. Our diverse customer base is supported by an experienced staff whose resources consist of a reliable, established, supplier base driven by personalized service. We’re UL and CSA certified and our quality control/testing is rigorous. Partners reap the rewards of a team whose dedication is paramount and always apparent at delivery. Learn more at: Products and Services

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Matkim Industries

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About Us

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